About Us

We are an independent branding agency founded by Central London based Chinese designer Adam Qi, specialising in brand positioning strategy, corporate and literate identity, visual communication design and bridging design business between UK & CN.
We are a team of strategic thinkers made up of experienced consultant, writers, designers, photographers and programmers. Our purpose is to help you develop your business, tell your brand story, engage clients and attract ideal customers more effectively as well as differentiate quality others. Our method is to discover the customer insight through research, to identify and analysis compelling differentiators, to visualise the strategy by design and deliver measurable results.
Working primarily with UK and Chinese businesses, we have created distinctive work for companies ranging from start-ups, tech companies, luxury brands and events, charities and many other sectors around the world.
We believe that design is not merely about problem-solving but also problem-framing. For 7 years, we never stop improving our methodology and skills. We believe that to design a coherent system is a milestone in a business’s life, it is the silent ambassador for a brand.
Adam Qi
Founder, Strategist,  Creative Director
Peter Smith
Design Consultant
Graeme Daniel
Marketing, PR
Rob Cachia
Identity / Graphic Designer
Subhan Ellahi
Art Direction, Graphic
Web Developer

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