Based in Pakistan, as one of the oldest advertising company, they are ideas people, but a good idea can only stand on a strong foundation of strategy and critical thinking that will help achieve significant and measurable results for our clients. The brief is to create new images that needs to be clear, modern, adaptable and creative. We created 4 solutions, and the chosen one conveys a sense of creative and smartness as well as to improve recognition rates.
Industry / Location
Advertising / Pakistan
Scope of Work
Visual Identity / Brand collateral design / Print management / Web design / Digital Advertising
The Concept
The symbol of arrow represent direction and decision. Combine it within the name, and you get a special letter and human-figure character. The variety use of it convey the value of each individual of Prestige.
The Print
The Prestige arrow has also been applied onto print, where various graphic combinations have been created to increase the creativity and fun for the brand.
The simple but meaningful brand narration is transferred into responsive web design to allow brand communication fully focus on the right track.
Qilin Studio has detailed-oriented skilled practitioners with a passion for driving change and impact for good through design. Adam have the ability to lead teams with a pragmatic visionary approach allowing solutions to stem from many different sources of inspiration. They’re tinkerers and a craftsmen who cares deeply about experimentation and prototyping as a tool to lead to the right solution.