Our world is dynamic,
how dose a brand adapt to changes?

We are here to facilitate that change and make the most of it, digging deep;
bring in new idea; maintain brand consistency; increase brand value.

Communication Analysis

Working closely with client and gathering as much information as we need to work out a new strategy.
• Positioning analysis
• Existing communication analysis

• Competitor analysis
• Communication benchmarking

Communication Design

As the outcome of analysis, we work closely with client to create new strategy and a path way to delivery .
• Visual strategy
• Verbal constant
• Customer journey development
• Customer interaction mapping

• Creative direction

Identity Design

Design an identity and apply in communication for coherent and effective marketing.
• Visual constant
• Usage guideline
• Logo
• Naming


Apply the crafted identity design in digital allowing brand communication express through all channels.
• Web / app development
• Web / app design
• Animation
• Video

Brand Implementation

We continuously and consistently apply your brand’s image in all business units, communication channels and media to build a physical representation for your brand.
• Implementation workshop
• Internal & external communication

Creative Support

No matter what the challenge would be, we give clients ongoing support to maintain the quality of the brand we helped create.
• Print design and management
• Content writing and design
• Creative services and consulting
• Brand positioning strategy consulting

It’s not all about art, nor creativity.

It’s about caring about your business and specially your customers. Good design is good business. Bringing real value and knowledge and respecting for real measurable value:

brand value

Bring efficiency to marketing and make sales easier. We normally see a weight-shifting improvement.

brand nature

Allowing customers to learn brand knowledges. We created multi-discipline visual communication.

trust and loyalty

Design is an investment not a cost, we put effort on every single details makes our work sexy and leaves deep impression.

future proofed

Embrace the change and planning future ahead. The only barrier is the speed of renewal of ideas.